Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Adjustable switching regulator circuit with LM317

IC LM317 adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator is able, the services of a current of 1.5 A on voltage 1.2 Vdc to 37 Vdc benefits. It is extremely easy to use and needs only two external resistors, the output voltage. Moreover, both the line and load regulation are better as a standard of regulation. Similarly, the LM317 is packaged in a standard transistor package, the easy and processed.

In addition to the price increase as regulatory authorities, protection against overloads only offers LM317 integrated circuits.

On the chip are the limits, thermal protection against overload for the protection and security. All protection circuits against overloads remains fully operational even if the terminal is adaptation.

Piture below show is output voltage formula for your adjustable and LM317 pinout

Detials circuit
I have the voltage regulator, two of my mobile phone cigarette lighter circuit. He has a lot of others, and the voltage can easily be adapted by using a potentiometer. The LM317T is a tension, and should reach about 14 volts without problems. There can be up to 1 ampere, but you need a heat sink on the voltage.