Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Low-Dropout Regulator USB Battery Charger

The USB(Universal Serial Bus) specification provides the ability and energy. This change highlights series and parallel connections of the past, allowing an increase in the number of devices that can use a Personal computer. This simple circuit USB charger low-dropout regulator (LDO) has use IC LT1085 . One way to use the USB power is the battery . Since many mobile devices such as MP3 players and PDAs to exchange information with computers, peripherals convenience is significant when the battery and the exchange of data takes place simultaneously on cable. The combination of USB and battery function leads to a series of “autonomous” from devices such as webcams lid, all connected to a PC or not. In many cases, it is no longer required, a clumsy adapter or wall wart. “ The battery charger from the USB can be complex or simple as you are exempt from the requirements of the USB device.

Design influence on the choice Chorus typical “cost”, “size” and “weight”.
Others following considerations:
1) the speed of a device with a battery is compatible with all functions, if a USB port
2) the time may be granted to the battery
3) power in the USB budgeting limits and
4) the need for the power supply.