Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top Apps That You Need to Have in Your iPhone 5

When you own your iPhone 5 soon, you will find that having these 5 apps in your iPhone will surely make your iPhone 5 more compatible with your life. These are apps that fit your both entertainment and working needs. The jail break versions apps are more preferable because they are cheaper and more varied than the original version. It is very easy to find the shops online where you can get any kind of apps that you need for your new iPhone 5. The first app that you should have is social networking apps for iPhone. You can have Facebook for iPhone app which enables you to connect with your Facebook friends easily with your iPhone. Social network like is very useful to build network as well as to reach people around you.

The next app that you need to have in your iPhone 5 is navigation tool. NAVIGON MobileNavigator is an app that you can install in your iPhone to provide you GPS assistance. Compared to other navigation apps that you can have in the market, this NAVIGON app is excellent due to its friendly use features. Then you need to have working app called Documents to Go Premium. This app enables you to access works with your iPhone 5 easily with features that are offered by the app. If you put music as one of the most important thing in your life, then you must have a music player app like Slacker Personal Radio. With this app you will be able to double task your iPhone by playing music on your iPhone while you surf the internet. The last app that you must have in your iPhone 5 is communication and IMs app. You can have Skype for iPhone which will allow you to call to anyone cheaply.