Monday, August 2, 2010

An Impulse Generator Simulation Circuit

This thesis describes the creation of a simulation circuit to match the output of a Marx type Impulse Generator. The goal was to estimate the stray capacitance and insert that capacitance into the simulation circuit to effectively produce an output similar to that of the generator. An actual three-stage impulse generator was used as the base. Several different levels of impulse voltage were tested, and the output waveforms were captured. Research was conducted to formulate the stray capacitance and identify the locations of these capacitances in the generator itself. The simulation circuit was then subjected to several iterations, adjusting the capacitance values to attain an output as close as possible to that of the actual generator.

Conclusions of the research indicate that an effective simulation circuit can be created to give an output that is close to, but not exactly that of, the actual generator. In the research, several areas of error were identified in the actual generator that were not present in the simulation circuit. These areas are discussed in the thesis.
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