Friday, July 9, 2010

Mini PSU for Breadboard

Mini PSU for Breadboard
The purpose of the project is to create a 5V mini Power Supply Unit for breadboard. The project can be connected to 8-18 DC power source, or 9V battery. During construction, put the components in as tight as you can, while verifying that you can in fact complete the circuit on the underside of the board without adding any wires. The main component in this project is voltage regulator LM 7805.

To build this you need:

Some electronics skills. Soldering, knowing how to follow a circuit diagram etc..
  1. 1 voltage regulator LM 7805
  2. 1 10uF capacitor
  3. 1 1000uF capacitor (you can use any big electrolyte capacitor here, doesn't have to be exactly 1000uF)
  4. 1 100nF capacitor
  5. 1 LED for power on indication
  6. 1 resistor to take the voltage down from 5V to whatever your LED runs at
  7. 1 screw terminal for the input voltage
  8. 1 switch for input voltage on/off
  9. 1 perfboard, the type with copper eyes, not stripes
  10. 1 2-pin connector to plug the unit into the breadboard