Saturday, June 12, 2010

AVR Radio Frequency Keypad

Radio Frequency KeyPad
The AVR based RF Keypad is remote controller that emits an RF code every time you digit the correct combination on its keyboard. You can use this project to replaces remote controls based on MM53200, UM3750 and UM86409. There are three different combinations for three different actions can be entered at program-time. The keyboard layout also customizable. You can use any matrix up to 4 rows by 4 columns keyboard layout and assigning your own ASCII codes to each key.

Besides emits RF, you can use it as serial keyboard to PC (requires a polarity inversion) or Basic Stamps by drop off the RF part. Keypresses are available as ASCII codes at pin 3. AVR RF Keypad is designed by Alberto Ricci Bitti.

Download : Schematic and Hex File