Monday, February 8, 2010

AVR Electronic Humidor

Electronic Humidor
This Humidor project was designed with a Peltier module and Sensirion SHT1X series sensors. The project built to keep cigars in perfect condition by maintain preferred level of moisture and keep the temperature around 70 degrees. The core of system is based on a microcontroller ATMEGA-16 programmed with BASCOM-AVR. The application is broken into two sections the Menu system that allows configuration of the desired humidity and temperature and what units for temperature you would like to use and display. The Hardware consists of an ATMEGA-16 controller, 7 Tip120 Transistors, 1 DPDT Relay, MC78T12 Regulator, LM7805 Regulator, a few passive components, a 16*2 lcd, and a few connectors.

Tag : Humidity Project, Temperature controller, AVR project source