Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tempereature Controller using Microcontroller AVR

Tempereature controller made for monitoring temperature and control the heater. This microcontroller project created by jesper.It's based on an Microcontroller AVR AT90S2313 and a Dallas DS1621 Digital Thermometer. The temperature is displayed on a dual 7-segment display, and two buttons are used for setting parameters. A high current relay switches the heating element.

The project use C language to programm it, will make everything more easier. A 4 MHz ceramic resonator is used for clocking the 2313. "A fun little construction and a good way to learn about the DS1621" Jesper said. This could be a good microcontroller project for you who want to learn How to interface DS1621 to Micorocntroller AVR using I2C protocol.

View Schematic and download the project code