Friday, January 22, 2010

Electronic Distance Meter based on Microcontroller 68HC908QY4

This project demonstrates the use of 16x1 line LCD module to interface with Nitron 16-pin MCU, 68HC908QY4. The original idea came from when he was wondering how long the distance between his house and the park.His son ridden bicycle while he was walking along him. He look at the bicycle wheel, and thought may be he can measure distance with the help of wheel rolling. The week before he brought a magnet from BaanMor, it was the rare earth magnet. he thought why don't have the reed switch as the sensor and use the magnet tied to a wheel. Detection of rolling is then made by proximity effect, when the magnet close to the reed switch. This close/open reed switch contact can use to make on-off signal. I chose MCU from Motorola, a 16-pin 68HC908QY4 for counting the pulse signal produced by reed switch.