Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dot Matrix Scrolling Sign based on Microcontroller AVR

Do you want to learn for Scrolling Dot Matrix Display based on microcontroller? i thought this project will be great for you. The project use Basic language and Bascom AVR to compile it. The processor use At Tiny 2313.
"The Dot Matrix Display has an 5x7 led matrix with 5 columns and 7 rows.The display is controlled by the ATTiny2313 microcontroller. The rows are controlled by PORTB of the microcontroller, while PORTD puts the data on the columns to make the characters. The Dot matrix display used here is the LTR-747HR and is 0.7 inch (17.8mm) high."
View Schematic and download source code (.bas)
note: picture take from tinkerlog photostream. Not related to this project