Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MICRF102 Based RF data logger

Electronic Project : RF data loggerTelemetering is a methode to measure voltage, temperature or any other variable which long distance between censor and data processor. There are many ways to implement telemetering, one of them using wireless RF data logger. What do you need with this project is Rf transmitter, RF receiver and Data processor (PC) . Any number of these recorders transmits data packets to a central PC-based receiver. A PC program stores the information for later analysis.

The RF data logger project use small RF IC's the MICRF102 from Micrel because it's good compromize between price and complexity. The MICRF102 is a low power ASK transmitter IC. It generates UHF frequencies by PLL multiplying a crystal oscillator frequency by 32. In this case a 13,56MHz crystal provides a 433,925MHz carrier. The data recorder is controlled by a small AVR TINY45 microcontroller.

Download schematic RF transmitter (gif)
Download schematic RF receiver (gif)