Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ethernet Interface for LED Matrix Display

LED MATRIX are 16x16 LED matrix units with a green and a red LED per pixel allowing each pixel to be switched to either green, red, amber or off. The goal of this LED MATRIX project was to build a 80x32 pixel display by arranging the displays in two rows with 5 displays each giving a total of 16*16*2*2*5 = 5120 LEDs to be controlled individually.

LED Matrix DisplayThis displays come with interated controllers and the data can be shifted into a single display using as few as 6 digital signals. By multiplexing some of the select signals all 10 displays can be controlled with a total of ten wires. Using a cheap ATmega32 microcontroller all ten displays can easily be controlled and updated in real time.

: Schematic, Source Code

Tag : LED Matrix Display, Ethernet Interface, AVR Project (src)