Friday, October 2, 2009

The division between the observer and the observed

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Here is today's quote:

There is a division between the observer and the observed. That is, you are looking at your life as an observer, as something separate from your life. Right? So there is a division between the observer and the observed. Now, this division is the essence of all conflict, the essence of all struggle, pain, fear, despair. That is, where there is a division between human beings—the division of nationalities, the division of religions, social divisions—there must be conflict.

This is law; this is reason, logic. There is Pakistan on one side and India on the other, battling with each other. You are a Brahmin and another is a non-Brahmin, and there is hate, division.

So, that externalized division with all its conflict is the same as the inward division as the observer and the observed. You’ve understood this? If you don’t understand this, you can’t go much further, because a mind that is in conflict is a tortured mind, a twisted mind, a distorted mind.

Mind in Meditation, p 6.

Here is my reflection.

The point is that the observed is something that thought creates in the process of, and at the same time as, creating the observer, the me. The observed that is outside us is simply the manifested representation of what thought creates within us. It legitimates action towards and upon the observed. Thought, then, provides its own internal justification system through the act of representation, which is what all thought is. Until there is thought, the observed just is; in the same way that the observer, the me, just is. Representation therefore brings the world into existence, yet at the same time divides it, makes it fragmented. Until then, in its just is-ness, there is togetherness, affection, love. The thought of the observer is the thing thats fragmented the world, and all sorrow dates from this moment.

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