Tuesday, October 27, 2009

controller Port LED's (v0.1)

Ok since many have asked and wondered I decided to take what I did and write up a tutorial. PLUS i got together with another xbox-scene member, DrewB612, to add his way of doing it.

here goes:

First off get your supplies ready.

3mm LED of the desired color
3.1mm drill bit = 1/8" bit
a drill
wire around 26 gauge is good (warning i used 30 gauge and it didn't work.. so lower than 30)
150ohm resistor 1/4 watt
soldering iron (15w is best)
wire stripper or a knife if u can handle yourself
Hot glue gun

OK so now we start.

My way is for all version, with or without daughter board.

WARNING!!! if you screw up your xbox because u tried this mod don't blame ME or anybody else but yourself.

So unscrew the controller port, unplug it and lay it on the floor so that the ports are facing down and the metal part is facing up. Drill a hole in the center of the back of each of the ports. I drilled mine a little lower just because the wires are high and i didn't feel like drilling them.

After the all the holes were done i soldered one wire to the the metal back of each controller port as in pic above.

Than that went to the negative terminal (the longer one) of the LED.

Than i stripped a pice of the red shielding from each of the red wires (about 3mm long) that come out from the daughterboard and go into the controller port. Than I soldered a wire to each of the exposed points and taped it over with electric tape.

The other end of that wire goes to a resistor (150ohm) and from the resistor it goes to the positive terminal of the LED.

After u taped all that up put in the LED into the 3mm hole and hot glue it into place.

Next bend the LED terminals back and get all the wires out of the way and stick the port back into place. Now plug it into the daughter board and voilá. reconnect everything and now u have controller Port LED's.

So here is what it looks like.

So thats my way of doing it. Here is how DrewB connected the power supply. (we used the same resistors, same wires, etc.-just different (to some, easier) way of connecting power. BUT if your xbox doesn't have a daughterboard than u have to use my method or u can wire it up to the mobo.. which i do not suggest and will not discuss here.

But he is the way to connect it to the mobo.

If u cant tell thats the back of the daughterboard :P You can use either the left point from each pair as ground or the metal case as i did.

Good Luck, and happy modding from mkollek! Any questions PM me. My nick is mkollek.

Thanks to DrewB for his input

Tutorial written by : mkollek