Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Quote, Tuesday September 15, 2009.

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Here is today's quote:

Memory is responding all the time.

Observe for yourself how the brain operates. It is the storehouse of memory, of the past. This memory is responding all the time, as like and dislike, justifying, condemning and so on; it is responding according to its conditioning, according to the culture, religion, education, which it has stored. That storehouse of memory, from which thought arises, guides most of our life. It is directing and shaping our lives every minute of every day, consciously or unconsciously; it is generating thought, the “me”, which is the very essence of thought and words.

The Impossible Question, p 71

Here is my reflection.

As the first lines says, the key thing is to observe yourself, observe how your own brain opeartes, not just thinking about the brain in general or the brain of someone you know. If we do this then then will be a change in that brain, for understanding yourself is to transform yourself fundamentally, right there. Everytime you are faced with something or someone, look at how you react, where you see the event or person from. See if it's possible to see your memory working, finding reference points for interpretation in different past experiences. Understanding yourself is to dismantle your memory. When you have understood your memory system then you can stand alone, without the "me", as the feeling of isolation that constantly calls forth memory is no longer there.

Best wishes