Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Quote, Friday September 21, 2009.

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Nice and sunny here in Halifax.

Here is todays; quote:

When the machine takes over the brain.

The brain has infinite capacity; it is really infinite. That capacity is now used technologically. That capacity has been used for the gathering of information. That capacity has been used to store knowledge—scientific, political, social and religious. The brain has been occupied with this. And it is precisely this function (this technological capacity) that the machine is going to take over. When this take-over by the machine happens, the brain—its capacity—is going to wither, just as my arms will if I do not use them all the time.

The question is: If the brain is not active, if it is not working, if it is not thinking, what is going to happen to it? Either it will plunge into entertainment—and the religions, the rituals and the pujas are entertainment—or it will turn to the inquiry within. This inquiry is an infinite movement. This inquiry is religion.

A Timeless Spring, pp 164-165

Here is my reflection.

I have to rush off to a meeting but will come back with a reflection later.

Jackie's comment yesterday was just perfect!