Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily Quote, Friday September 11, 2009.

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Actually, it's late the previous evening as I'm writing this.

Here is today's quote:

Knowledge is not comparable with intelligence.

There is a distinction between intellect and intelligence. Intellect is thought functioning independently of emotion, whereas intelligence is the capacity to feel as well as to reason; and until we approach life with intelligence, instead of intellect alone, or with emotion alone, no political or educational system in the world can save us from the toils of chaos and destruction.

Knowledge is not comparable with intelligence, knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not marketable, it is not a merchandise that can be bought with the price of learning or discipline. Wisdom cannot be found in books; it cannot be accumulated, memorized or stored up.

Wisdom comes with the abnegation of the self. To have an open mind is more important than learning; and we can have an open mind, not by cramming it full of information but by being aware of our own thoughts and feelings, by carefully observing ourselves and the influences about us, by listening to others, by watching the rich and the poor, the powerful and the lowly. Wisdom does not come through fear and oppression, but through the observation and understanding of everyday incidents in human relationship.

Education and the Significance of Life, pp 65-66

Here is my reflection.

I think this is one of the most crucial quotes by Krishnamurti. Here is a direct statement about intelligence: it is the capacity to feel as well as reason. It is therefore about the whole person: the total person, beyond fragmentation. Let me attempt to explain this as I see it. Only intelligence can see life totally: only it can love as well as know, and when there is both then reason can serve feeling - this is key. Feeling gives understanding to reason, so that it is not just repetition and imitation, and when this is understood then reason - thought - can serve feeling. This is how life becomes total: then the understanding and the action are one thing.

This process, which involves no movement of time, is also the abnegation of the self, which is knowledge, thought, and intellect. The self surrenders and acts from the totality of what is. This is feeling and intellect, love and thought. This is what Krishnamurti means, I believe, by perfect order. This is the perfect self and the perfect society. They can't be separated.

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