Monday, May 18, 2009

AVR Electronic Lock with Key Generic RFID

AVR Electronic Lock
This is a generic 125KHz RFID tag reader and an electronic contactless lock. The project is based upon microcontroller AVR ATtiny2313 and generic 125KHz RFID. Here is the project work: the code of first tag that is read after chip programming, is stored in the micro Earom (non volatile) and it works as the "key". Every time that tag is read by the circuit, the relay pulses for about 1.5 seconds, a led lights for 3 seconds and the code is sent out on the serial port. Every other tag doesn't pulse the relay, but lights the led and sends its code on the serial port. So, this circuit will be a generic reader or an electronic lock with RFID key. This project designed by Emilio Ficara.

tag : RFID lock, electronic contactless key, AVR project (src)